For Novels and Memoires please submit the first and last chapters of your completed work. For Anthologies and Collections, we would like to see five individual pieces and a table of contents. We do not need a synopsis, a long-laboured-over query letter, a biography or an outline. We do not have any hoops for you to jump through. We aren't concerned about whether you are eight or eighty years old, if you are a former CIA agent, if you have slept with seven different world leaders, or if you have been published somewhere else. We will not give you the list of pin-point picky, pigeonhole genres that we will look at -- we will look at them all. We are looking for good writing; we expect your writing to speak for you. We don't care what other agents or publishing houses tell us we should want to read, what is cool, what is hawt or what is marketable... we want what is good. To make our job easier, you could use a relatively normal font, give us the word count and an idea of genre, make sure your contact information is included, and send us your best edited work.

Please submit your work to Include everything in the body of the email; emails with attachments will be deleted upon receipt. We will get back to you within 30 days.