For up to date information on which categories are currently open for submissions, please follow this link.

Greyhart Press publishes fiction from fantastic worlds, history and alternate-history, and from the edgier extremities of the current world (which probably means suspense and romance, but query if you aren’t sure.)  In other words, we aren’t interested in your contemporary character study or your teen romance (although if either has werewolves then that might be a different matter). We like romance and YA books, so long as there is a fantastic element and a compelling plot.

We publish stories with a strong sense of narrative. Somewhat to my surprise, I’ve come to realise that can include poetry as well as prose. Go take a look at our Real Story Manifesto for more on this. For romance, there needs to be an exciting plot as well as a lot of kissing and men with their shirts off.

Our basic contract is to split net revenues 50/50 between the author and everyone else over a minimum term five year term during which you give us exclusive digital rights. Our sales are mostly through online retailers (Amazon is the most significant) and by ‘net’ we mean what the retailer pays into the Greyhart Press bank account. There’s no sense in which authors pay back anything towards costs such as advertising, editing, printing costs or artwork. Then again, we don’t pay advances either.

Oh, yes. Printing costs. We are and will remain primarily a publisher of eBooks. However, we will be experimenting with paperback editions in 2012, both as an additional revenue stream, and to further our promotional range.

Manuscript format.

docx and rtf are preferred. So long as it’s reasonably clear, we don’t care about fonts or double-spacing or any of that old-fashioned stuff you’ll see if you read up on standard manuscript formatting. Actually, we do care a little. Our preference is for single-spacing, and for italics to be given as italics and not _like this_ (because we’ll read your story on a Kindle or iPad, not by printing out huge stacks of paper).

For queries, and more details, email You’re welcome to send manuscripts unsolicited, but please prefix them SUBMISSION: [add your book name here] because, believe me, we get a lot of emails and this reduces the chance of yours getting lost.

Finally, although we are growing steadily over time, no one has got rich from Greyhart Press in the nine months since we started out (I’m writing this Jan 2012). So why publish through Greyhart Press?

We have experience and contacts to help sell your book and are motivated to do so. We take on all the upfront costs of formatting, editing, and purchasing cover art, as well as advertising, and if we don’t sell your book, we make a loss. We also give you the benefit of cross-selling: if a reader discovers and enjoys a book from one of our other authors, there are cross-selling links that could recommend yours and bring you a purchase. Over the coming years, we feel that readers of eBook will become more interested in publishingbrands given the erratic quality of self-published eBooks, and I want to establish Greyhart Press as a quality brand. (I agree that traditional publishers make mistakes too, but there are too many self-publishers who publish their book before the book is really ready).

The downside is that if we are successful, we will take half the profits. If you feel that you could sell just as many books, or nearly as many,  by publishing yourself, you might want to consider a book layout and formatting service available here.