We accept manuscripts of books for the following genre: health, wellness, healthy living, mind/body/spirit, Christian market. Books include cookbooks, how-to books for better living, books for fitness and exercise, books geared towards the medical community.

At a minimum, please to submit a proposal briefly explaining the book, an outline and sample chapters. In addition, provide the following?

Book Title:

Author’s Full Name:

Author’s Address:

Home phone:

Business Phone:


Date of Birth:


  1. Author Biography. Provide a concise biography, including current occupation and title as well as the location of your employer. Please include any past employment that would be pertinent to readers of this book.
  2. Author Education. Provide a list of educational institutions attended, degrees, and honors. Also provide the name and address of any alumni magazines at these institutions.
  3. Affiliations. Provide the names of any organizations to which you are affiliated, including academic, professional, and/or government.
  4. Previous books or other publication. List any books you have published, including title, publisher, year of publication and sales history if available.
  5. About your book. Describe your book. Describe why you wrote this book, the niche it fills, its subject, and key editorial points that make it unique.
  6. Describe the ideal audience for your book.
  7. What are the primary competitive books currently on the market? Please provide editorial similarities and differences, whether the competitive books are in hardcover or paperback, and any special elements they may have (4 color, pictures, etc.).
  8. Sales and marketing. Blurbs and endorsements: Provide us with the names of colleagues or other influential people within your field from whom we may solicit comments about your book.
  9. Advertising. Provide us with names of magazines, journals, newspapers, or other media in which you think an ad might be effective.
  10. Educational sales outlets. Provide the names of schools or professors that might be interested in using this book for courses, either as a textbook or as a supplemental text.
  11. Sales outlets or media at which you are known. Provide the name of your hometown newspaper, specific websites, and any bookstores at which you may be known.