Clockhaven Chronicles: A serialized "dollar-dreadful" chronicling the many mis/adventures of a steam-driven life within the Shattered-Realms. Join your favorite hero, heroine, or villain even, as their expolits are faithfully reproduced on these written pages. A favorite among fans of steampunk.

1. Clockhaven Chronicles is only looking for previously unpublished material. No stories previously published in print or digital format will be accepted.

2. We do not accept simultaneous or competitive (eg. submitting several copies of the same story to many different publishers) submissions. If it is discovered that you submitted to more than one publisher, any offer from Penny Gaff is rescinded.

3. Your story must fit the genre(s) associated with our enterprise, i.e. neo-19th century lit/speculative fiction: Clockpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Neo-Victorian, Victorian Gothic Horror, etc.

4. If not written to specifically address the "Shattered Realms" multiverse concept, you might have to accept some creative suggestions/advice/changes to your work to help it to better fit the concept.

5. You must be willing to serialize the supplied story, i.e. break it up into episodes, consolidating in an edition.

6. Your story must consist of no fewer than four (4) episodes per edition.

7. Each episode must be approximately 26,000 words, and capable of being broken into no fewer than five (5) chapters.

8. Authors and submissions that are accepted into the Clockhaven Chronicles, must sign a multibook publication agreement, extending only into the completion of the intended edition.

9. Stories will be submitted to our address. Typically we require at least a week to review the work to ensure that it meets the the standards before replying.