There is no lighter burden, nor more agreeable, than a pen. Other pleasures fail us, or wound us while they charm; but the pen we take up rejoicing, and lay down with satisfaction; for it has the power to advantage not only its lord and master but many others as well, even though they be not born for thousands of years to come … As there is none among earthly delights more noble than literature, so there is none more lasting, none gentler or more faithful; none that accompanies its possessor through the vicissitudes of life at so small a cost of effort or anxiety.” –Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) Dear Author, Congratulations on being a writer. As you may well know, it is probably one of the most difficult endeavours one can undertake. While the work is difficult and trying, it is potentially one of the most rewarding things you can do – both personally and financially. Kallisti Publishing is a traditional publisher with an emphasis on personal development books. Please peruse Kallisti’s catalogue of books to get an idea of what we publish. We have enjoyed great success with authors who are public speakers or give seminars; coaches or trainers; entrepreneurs with a good information product; people who have an interesting story; willing to do what it takes to make their book a seller. When submitting a manuscript to Kallsiti Publishing, there are a few items that we like to see in the package. The manuscript (If emailed, preferably in Word format with the pages formatted to 8.5? x 11?, double-spaced; if mailed, printed on 8.5? x 11? paper, double-spaced, and the pages numbered.) A bio sheet of the author (Sort of like a resume, which lists your experience and qualifications.) A cover letter (Introduce yourself!) A brief marketing analysis (Let us know how your book compares to similar books in the market.) If you are mailing your manuscript, please mail it to Kallisti Publishing Submissions 332 Center Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 If you are emailing your manuscript, please email it to (Put in your subject line, “Manuscript submission”) When we receive your manuscript, please allow us about a month to read it and judge its potential in the market place, as well as assess our ability to effectively make it a seller. If we believe that your book can be a success, then we will contact you in order to discuss the steps we will take to get your book made. Please have the best of luck and success with your work. May you reap the rewards you deserve. Sincerely, Kallisti Publishing The Books You Need to Read to Succeed