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How about an excellent read; Try JC & Angus 1863, Mr. Lincoln’s War available at or . Angus states; “Ends are often hidden, even at times overcome and occasionally extinguished but never do they end, for ...
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JC & Angus 1863, Mr. Lincoln's War.
Centauri is the closest star that is almost the same as our sun. It lies only 4.1 light years away, about 9 months at a constant 5 G's of acceleration and deceleration. The question for us is not where life is or what life is, but where our fr...
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Centauri Sameness
Julia wins a science project with a computer graphics presentation of the problems of predicting when Easter occurred down through the past centuries. GF and Brown Dog arrive in Sandy Utah and provide the idea for another computer graphics present...
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Extinct A Movie/TV Script
  In reading this story, keep in mind the surrounding technology and social structure. There was a lot going on besides the Revolution. People were pushing west into Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Settlers had made it into California. The...
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JC & Angus 1782

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