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ellen trubody

I've been in college since 1980.  This may explain why I enjoy researching historicals so much. My Victorian Doctors series required not only lots of scientific books, but trips to medical museums - which is something that I highly recommend.

Now I'm researching prison reform for a book I hope to finish this year.

I may be slightly different from some romance authors in that  I'm fascinated by what happens after people fall in love. Confict in my stories comes from the obstacles that keep you from living the love you deeply feel. I find these emotional situations delicious to unravel and resolve.

The sex thing - well, that's rooted both in scholarship (the social history of sexual attitudes) and emotion.  My favorite love scenes, however steamy, always have me very close to tears

I welcome interruptions, so feel free to write or tweet!

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For Emma, Wills is the perfect husband—and a tirelessly sinful lover. At their home, in dark corners at dinner parties, in carriage rides across London, they explore each other’s bodies in a consuming passion that won’t end. But ...
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Until Paris

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