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Interview with Savannah Chase
Nov 25, 2008

Hi Savannah,
Visiting your website is like a long journey with plenty of stops along the way. Amazing all the things you have found to include, from current books to up coming to those in progress. Let's pull up a chair and take a look around your place.
First off would you mind telling us how you got started writing romance - sensual and then progressing I assume to Erotic or was it the other way around?
I started writing erotica first. It just came naturally to me. My mind was full of naughty stories, and my characters were itching to get out and have their story told. The first story I ever wrote was from a dream. I was surprised myself at what was unfolding before my eyes. I didn’t know if this was even something someone would want to read.
How long did it take you to get your first book published - from writing to contract? Has it gotten easier to find a publisher for your work after the first one?
I wrote for many years but never even knew about publishing. When I discovered the world of publishing and made the choice to send something out it didn’t take too long. It all happened within a year. I wish I could say it has gotten easier but it hasn’t. Yes companies see that you are published and for some it might make a difference but when it comes to selling a book you wait just like everybody else does. One difference is that when you are with a company you can send your future submissions to your editor and that might speed up the time.
Before we get too far into your books, tell us a little bit about the author when she is vacuuming the floor or doing the laundry on Monday morning -or shopping for the latest fashion. Who is Savannah Chase?
Oh wow...vacumming....I get my hunks to do that for me....LOL...just kidding....I can dream can't I?......hmmm...What can I tell you...I’m a workaholic. I’m pretty much occupied all the time. I love to shop when I have the chance, and that's not too often. When I’m not working on a book I love to read, watch movies or do crafts. I have always been a crafty person. One thing I can say about myself is that I’m a dreamer. Big time. It's rare that I'm not doing something with writing because my mind is always plotting and stories are being born...
I noticed you are in several anthologies. Do you find it beneficial to your other writing, your single titles?  What are the advantages to being in an anthology?  Are there any disadvantages?
I’m pretty new to having my work in anthologies. So far I think it’s fantastic. You get to be in a book with other amazing writers. It gives the readers variety. Someone might purchase the book because one of their favorite authors have a story in it and they might end up discovering authors they never knew about. They might want to know more and this way they find out about other books by other authors in that same book. I haven’t seen any disadvantages yet in being in an anthology.
Let's talk about your latest releases. Where did you get the idea for Bid for Love? Tell us about it and the publisher you chose for this one.
 Bid For Love came to me when I wanted to write a Valentine’s Day themed story. I kept getting the scene of the auction and hunks being auctioned off. Jeff was a different guy who just fit perfectly. There is always construction work going on around where I live so that got me thinking how I could fit that into a story. Bid For Love is published by Lyrical Press Inc. I have been lucky to be with such an wonderful company.
What about Pleasure After the Pain? Have you ever had a tattoo?  Tell us about this story and the idea that sparked the story, it sounds fascinating and almost predictable, though I doubt that it is.
No tattoos yet. I want one real bad. I was suppose to get something not long ago but plans changed. I'm still trying to find the time to go and get one. My trouble is that I want too many. By the time I walk out of the place I will be covered in art work. The idea came to life from my fascination with tattoos. I love the story that every person has behind their work. I wondered what if the work came to life. What would it tell? Each tattoo is an art. It's born from an idea and might have a story to match. It's got a meaning. This is actually the first story of a mini series I'm doing. I hope to have the rest of the series done early next year.
On your coming soon page we find Love Is More Dangerous Than Revenge
I just read a quote by Francis Bacon "A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green." Is that the connection made as in love is more Dangerous then the revenge itself?  Tell us about this title.
Love Is More Dangerous Than Revenge is about Rose, a young woman who was sure she had the perfect life. Then she is accused of stealing with the love of her life. She pays for the crime while he runs. When she is released from prison her main goal is revenge, to make him pay. She's not prepared for what happens when she crosses paths with her old love. Love is a very powerful thing can change a person in ways they never imagined.
And Special Delivery Can we get a sneak peek at this without giving us the whole story?  Does it deal with a pregnancy or a simpler postal delivery?
Special Deliver is a story about a woman named Kara. She has always wanted to do something exciting, something daring, like have a one night stand. But, she’s never been bold enough. Then she meets Julian, her gorgeous mailman. Kara almost blows her chance until a single lost letter brings him unexpectedly knocking on her door. Will Kara make her move or will she let another opportunity slip through her fingers.
You say on your website that you write from sensual romance to sweaty sex. I saw a list of more then thirty titles in progress on your website, that is an ambitious list. Do you work on more then one story at a time? - What do you have in store next for your readers? 
Oh yes, the list....That is only a part of the books I have going. My last count was about 100.  I try to divide my time when it comes to working on the different books. I do find myself writing more then one at a time. I can't help it. When the muse kicks in there is no way to stop it.
My next release will be with Freya's Bower on December 9, 2008. My story He's On The Menu is featured in the One Touch One Glance A Sweet Romance Anthology.  This is my first sweet romance release. The book features so many amazing authors who have written such fantastic tales. Here is a little about He's On The Menu.
He's On The Menu
All Jessie wanted to do was get home safe and sound from a shift at the diner, not crash her car into a tour bus that belongs to a mega star. Ian’s traveled the world and met lots of women but non like the one who’s crashed into his life. She’s different and unforgettable and now he’s ready to show her he’s perfect for her and just the thing she needs on her menu.
Savannah it has been a real pleasure chatting with you. I would like to encourage our readers to browse your site where they'll find free reads, reviews of your books, works in progress, charities that you provide click a day links to, and so much more.
Will you give us your website address and if you have them blogs as well?
I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be interviewed. It is my pleasure to be here.
There is always something going on at the loop and official site. I'm always running contest, huge author parties, author corners and much more.
Interviewed by Billie A Williams
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