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Sultry Summers

Hi to all the readers and authors:

I’m so excited to announce the release date for Tail Of The Dragon from Decadent Publishers is April 24th. The pre-release information is up on my web site now at and the entire web site has been redone in anticipation of this release and the release of Submissions In Time from Melange due out the fourth week of May.

You really should drop by my web site and check out the new pages for both releases as well as new pages for the books already out. They’ve all been re-dressed and there are new excerpts available to read.

This is a very exciting time for me. Two books are due out in less than two months from different publishers and more in the wings. In August Whiskey Creek Press is releasing a combination Mega-Book, a two in one with Casino-Star Shine and Planet Of Veils and for those who haven’t read one or the other and enjoy some science fiction with your adventure and a lot of erotic romance be sure to investigate those page on the site.

In December or January, depending on the publisher’s releases Atlantis Vortex will be out. This is a full length, science fiction, erotic romance that will keep you glued to the book. It was at one time, over six years ago, available and the reviews were great. It’s being re-released and I think those who have repeatedly asked for a copy of it and have waited for it will be pleased. About fall my web site will updated to reflect the up-coming event with several informative pages about Atlantis and other scenes from the book.

So be sure and stop by, check out the site and get ready for some great reads from Sultry Summers


Zenobia Renquist

My books are now part of the Kindlegraph program -

Zenobia Renquist

Follow me on Twitter - @ZenobiaRenquist

Katey Hawthorne


The newest in superpowered love from Katey Hawthorne, Nobody's Hero, is now available from Loose Id!

Electricity, lies, and performance... there's got to be more to life than that. With half his life a superpowered secret and the other semi-closeted, Jamie Monday is one hell of an actor. But if he wants to keep sweet, geek-sexy Kellan around, he'll have to own his truth and stop playing at being nobody's hero.

Check out the Nobody's Hero page to meet Jamie and Kelly, read excerpts, and keep up with where to find the book. Or head over Loose Id to check out the opening pages and grab a copy of your own.

Justus Roux

My newest book "I Got You" has been released in ebook and soon in print. 

To read excerpt go to

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