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The Tulpa Knight
by Juliet Cardin
Release Date: 11/13/10
Genre: Paranormal
Pages: 0
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Format ISBN Price
Author Page: Juliet Cardin

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Kallie Evander's thoughts have made Jamie de Brock--the medieval villain from
her romance novel--come to life. Unbelievable as it seems, she cannot fathom
another possible explanation for the giant, handsome rogue she suddenly
finds in her bedroom. Nor can she mistake the extreme attraction they have
for one another. While their passion overtakes them, Kallie is not only
consumed by lust, but also with guilt. Jamie is a tulpa--a thought form that
has been made real by her intense concentration--and she fears he will
eventually turn on her. So while she lies in his arms and fights her
growing love for him, she also must devise a way to destroy him...before it is
too late.


"This is from a tournament?" Jamie waved the trophy in front of her face.

"Yes, for soccer. See, the little man kicking the ball?" She tried not to
sound condescending, but what was with him?

"Sock her?"

Yep, he was drunk. "No. *Soccer*. There's no *her*. It's one word." She
didn't have time for this. Nick was going to be here soon and if she had
any chance of reconciling with him, she'd have to get this goon out of here.
Although, she had to admit, now that she gazed at Jamie more closely, he was
a handsome goon. He was huge and muscular but didn't seem quite so
intimidating anymore. Not when he was looking at her with that little lost
boy look of his.

He was actually kind of cute. She was almost five and a half feet tall, and
he towered over her, so she guessed him to be about six-foot three, or four.
His hair brushed his shoulders in soft dark waves and she had to resist the
urge to run her fingers through it. His eyes were so dark brown they
appeared almost black. A girl could get lost in those eyes...and that was no

*What's the matter with me?*

His scent was enticingly masculine, rugged and natural as if he'd just
stepped out of a summer breeze that'd been blowing gently through the
forest. Though he was a stranger, he also seemed so darned familiar.

"Have we met?" It seemed a very strange question, even to her ears. How
could they have possibly met? Surely, she would have remembered a rogue
such as he?

"Nay," he said, although he appeared to ponder the possibility. "This
place." He gestured about the room. "'Tis strange." He turned and walked
back across the floor, taking a seat on her bed again.

She could have darted from the room while his guard was down, but something
made her hesitate. "Why do you talk like that?"

"You speak strangely," he said at the same time.

Kallie smiled at him, and although his face was still grim, he gave her a
tight smile in return.

"Jamie, do you know where you live?" Perhaps he'd hit his head or

"Aye. I hail from Tenebrous Castle."

Now she understood! Someone was playing a trick on her!
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