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Phaze Books is the women's romance and erotic romance imprint of Mundania Press, LLC, a publishing division of Celeritas Unlimited LLC. Established in November, 2004 with five titles, Since then Phaze has grown to offer 800+ titles and counting in eBook, trade paperback, and audio book. Phaze is proud to include among its roster a number of nationally bestselling authors, award-winning writers, and popular names in the romance genre.

Phaze has maintained a visible presence at various romance writer/reader conferences, and select print titles are shelved in independent and chain bookstores across the US. Phaze has produced several RTBookClub Magazine Top Picks, ARIANA cover art winners, EPIC eBook Award finalists and winners, and several winners and finalists of reviewers awards. We have published authors who have appeared on USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists, and our goal is to offer more quality romantic fiction in the years to come.

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Current Releases

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Is This Love?
Bridget Midway

Slave to Love
Bridget Midway

Slave To Love
Bridget Midway

Late Nights
Marie Rochelle

Thanks For Everything
Shawn Bailey

Fire Wars
Jessica Palmer

Rising Tide
Susan Roebuck

Paths Chosen
Kally Jo Surbeck

Weekend at the Beach
Veronica Tower

Slow Seduction
Marie Rochelle

Healer's Quest
Jessica Palmer

Hidden Desire
Barbara Donlon Bradley

The Last King of Winterhold
Stephen Almekinder

Stormy Weather
Marie Rochelle

Tempting Turner
Marie Rochelle

Warlock's All And Sundry
Don Callander

The Awakening
Kally Jo Surbeck

After Birth
J.E. Sayles

High Above the Waters
Gilbert M. Stack

All the Fixin'
Marie Rochelle

Our Lady of the Snow
Louise Cooper


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