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Rogue Phoenix Press is a brand new publisher now open for all submissions in the following genres.
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Addicoat, J. L.
Allen, Joseph
Armstrong, Amanda
Baker, Tamsin
Boles, Don
Bowie, Marla
Cairns, D. A.
Capon, Elliott
Carroll, Jack J.
Castle, Angela
Charles, James
Charters, Jeanne
Chiakulas, Christian
Coffey, Shane L.
Comtois, Pierre V.
Contento, Jann M.
Dafoe, Nancy Avery
Dahlen, K J
Danes, Ruth
Deitrick, Mariah
Delamar, William T.
DePino, Catherine
Didaleusky, G L
Didaleusky, G. L.
Dimmig, Jonathan
Downham, Susan
Ehl, Dan
Ehl, Karl Daniel
Evans, Jessica
Evener, Joe
Fellner, Julia
Fields, Olivia
Fleming, Nickie
Flemming, Nickie
Fry, Jennifer L.
Fuller, Mike
Gabriel, Genie
Georgonicas, Eddie
Gerety, T. H.
Gildersleeve, Greg
Giordano, Joe
Gourlay, Gregory
Gravelle, Henry P.
Hagely, C. L.
Harris, A. M.
Hartman, Ron
Hartman, Ron C
Haustein, Catherine
Heart, McKinzie S.
Helm, G. Lloyd
Hill, Brandon
Indra, Rosemary
Keates, Lucia Carter
Keller, Eric
Keller, Edward T.
Khan, Miriam
Kraemer, C. L.
Lamb, Gillespie
Lambert, A.W.
Lee, Jocko
Lee, Carole Ann
Lynn, Sheri
MacKay, Mindy
McAbee, K. G.
McClain, Richard C.
McGraw, J. E.
McPike, James B.
Milne, Jennifer
Munson, Keryn
Natanevin, R.S.
Parcher, J. F.
Paxton, Ronald
Rene, Courtney
Renick, Clay
Richardson, Andrew
Rose, Lilliana
Ross, Jeffrey
Rothermich, R. E.
Scholey, C. L.
Sexton, Preston J
Sharpless, Sheila M.
Sikes, John R.
Simon, Fay E.
Smith, Jeffery J.
St. Clair, Christina
Stamos, Bill
Stiff, Ruby
Stone, Alicia
Vinson, Terry Lloyd
Voglino, Kevin
Wadden Jr., Robert V.
Wade, Derek
Werkman, Christopher T
White, Tamara
Wille, Sherry Derr
Williams, Richard H.
Williams, Hugh Richard
Wren, Khloe
Wright, Daniel Lance
Young, AnnChristine
Young, Brian
Young, Christine
Zeller, Joyce
Zimmer, C. M.

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Current Releases

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Tira's Education
Christine Young

Murder in Marin County
Derek Wade

Novus Intelligens
Pierre V. Comtois

Vivianna's Story
Tamara White

Drone Strike
Joe Giordano

Legacy-The Eternal Forest
Lucia Carter Keates

Once Upon an Austin Night
Daniel Lance Wright

Life on Another Island
Ruth Danes

The Hanging Man
Joseph Allen

Both End in Speculation
Nancy Avery Dafoe

Wolves and Deer
Catherine Haustein

Stone Ponies
Ronald Paxton

The Emerald Cave
James B. McPike

Borrowing a Moose Head from Cole Porter
G. Lloyd Helm

G. L. Didaleusky

Hunter: The Serpent Mounds
C. L. Hagely

The Coterie-Domination
Richard C. McClain

I Am Evan
Marla Bowie

The Banshee
Henry P. Gravelle

The Quest for Caesar’s Medallion
Hugh Richard Williams

Pierre V. Comtois


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