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We publish Action & Adventure, Contemporary, BDSM, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Suspense, and so much more!

Red Sage's authors were the first to create erotic romance. The very first authors of erotic romance are Bonnie Hamre, Alice Gains, Jeanie LeGendre and Ivy Landon.

Secrets Volume 1 is still in print to this day, as are all the other Secrets volumes released since then. The staying power of these anthologies is a testament to their quality.

We have Rita nominated authors, New York Times listed authors, Golden Hearts winners and erotic novel of the year authors, US Today listed authors. Another words some of the best authors in romance. Secrets Volume 2 won the Independent Publishers Follett Literary award for fiction. The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight won Romantic Times Erotic Novel of the year!

Our authors include some of the most recognized names in romance. Red Sage first published Angela Knight, Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Kearney, Emma Holly, Liz Maverick and many others. We are known for our author's quality in writing wonderful imaginative characters and deeply emotional erotic stories.

Red Sage is the leader in erotic romance. We publish in print and eBook.

Come and see if we know your secrets!
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Adair, Dominique
Airies, Rebecca
Allyn, Rue
Anderson, Maree A
August, Jennifer
Bartells, Kendall
Berlin, Catherine
Blades, Lauren
Blaze, Roxana
Blue, Nacomy
Boyett-Compo, Charlotte
Brand, RM
Brown, Koko
Buchbinder, Sharon B
Burns, Juliet
Cain, Lilly
Carson, Carly
Chamblee, Genevive
Chetty, Kamy
Colella, Helen
Court, Leigh
Dalton-Smith, Shawn
Dalton-Smith, shawn P.
Dancer, Chellesie B
Daniels, Kristin
Davis, D.J.
Deveaux, Kate
Eden, Cynthia
Edwards, Gabriella
Elgabri, Eden
Faith, Abbey
Felina, Erica
Fox, Calista
Gael, Chevon
Gaines, Alice
Gendron, Kelly
Givens, Katherine
Grant, Rebecca E
Grey, Nathalie
Grey, Ursula
Hall, Faye
Hancock, Natalie C
Harrison, Beth
Hopper, Patricia
Illyvich, Sascha
Jaden, J
Kar, Alla
Kase, Danielle
Katemi, Jennifer
Ke, Alexis
Keyton, M.S.
King, K.D.
King, KD
Knight, Angela
LeBeau, Elle
Lee, Roz
Liebe, Vanessa
Lores, Anna
Lowe, Anna
Lubertowicz, D L
Lynn, Bambi
March, Selah
Massey, Heather
Melody, A.C.
Michaels, Bethany
Monet, Rae
Moore, Natasha
Morrissey, D
Murphy, Christine
Murray, Hannah
Nakawatase, Sarah Lauer
Nelson, D E
North, Nicole
O'Sullivan, Martha
Owens, Monica
Paradis, Jean -
Peters, Heather
Petrova, Em
Probst, Jennifer
Quick, Nora
Rainey, Anne
Rawlyns, Nya
Rayburn, Annie
Richardson, Toya
Roark, Brandy
robinson, sky
Rock, Suzanne
Romano, Roxi
Scott, Tori
Sehlhorst, K. C.
Shahbaz, Alessandra
Sheehan, Laura
Sinclare, Emily
Skye, Liane Gentry
Sloane, Belle
Smith, Sally
Sweet, Whitney
Van Heest, D
Vanderbilt, Vanessa
Walker, Saskia
Wesley Hardin, Ann
Wheatley, Denise N.
Williams, Gwen
Williamson, Brenda
Wood, Abby
Yule, S.K.

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Current Releases

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Southern Souls
Sarah Lauer Nakawatase

Inn Love
Whitney Sweet

Matters of the Heart
Helen Colella

The Magic of Loving Him
Abbey Faith

When It's All Said and Done
Denise N. Wheatley

His English Lady
Abbey Faith

Pride & Passion
Kendall Bartells

What He Sacrificed for Her
Abbey Faith

His Goddess
D Morrissey

Hearts Apart
Patricia Hopper

Her Secret Husband
Abbey Faith

Her Secret Husband
Abbey Faith

D Morrissey

Life's Roux: Wrong Doors
Genevive Chamblee

Hearthstone Alpha
A.C. Melody

Amorous Redemption
Faye Hall

The Inventor's Wife
Heather Massey

Vanessa Liebe

Secret Desires
Nora Quick

My Knotty Jolene
J Jaden

Vanessa Liebe


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