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Strategic Book Publishing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Strategic & Eloquent Exhibit at Book Expo in New York in May 2009 and announce the publishing of their 700th book!

Strategic Book Publishing / Eloquent Books, both imprints of AEG Publishing Group, are incorporating new change and transparency in efforts to meet the needs that clients and authors are looking for in a publisher. Debut of the new change for Strategic Book Publishing/Eloquent Books will take place by the event of AEG attendance at its national appearance at Book Expo America, "Where the World of Publishing Comes Together," May 28-31st in New York City (listing at booth
#3558 or search for Group AEG).

Group AEG is a progressively growing publishing company that is making waves in the industry; combining new era ideals with old school fundamentals.
Strategic Book Publishing / Eloquent Book's clients and staff are also participating in press conferences and broadcasting LIVE from BEA on the BlogTalkRadio Network. The client roster of Strategic Book Publishing/Eloquent Books and also its joint venture imprint, Eloquent Books, is impressive. For more information on the 700+ authors that Strategic & Eloquent have published, please visit .

Strategic Book Publishing / Eloquent Books has implemented new change and procedures to better support authors in finding services they are looking for most from a small publishing house:

" Developing a compelling marketing plan

" Work in all book selling areas; Traditional, Internet, Non-traditional

"The end goal is a match between publisher and author, and sales, sales, sales of books for our authors! We are a smaller "boutique"
publisher?seeking authors that want a close relationship, and trusted counsel from their publisher; we believe we are more responsive than larger publishers." - says the PR Managing Director of Strategic/Eloquent Books.

The company has proven itself with its dedication to clients, by also providing a platform for authors to breathe new life into their previously or self-published works. Group AEG's republishing program gives those titles a new life with a new cover, add important reviews, and other revisions to make for a successful re-release. Authors on board love the new transparency of the house. As one client commented, "I am pleased that I can login anytime to check my sales and royalty status?this is something I never had at my previous publisher." This is one of the many new features of this innovative company. Group AEG understands that the author's book is their message to the world and that is why they have partnered with a PR team to showcase that talent to the right audience and provide the client with reasonable upgrades just as the larger houses do. Here are a few testimonials -

"This is great news! THANK YOU for your work on this!" - Strategic Publishing author of Through My Mother's Eyes reaction after being accepted in a Top 50 Border's Store.

Strategic/Eloquent Books encourage authors to get active in their local literary scene; embracing positive people and energy. To see what types of books are being published, take a browse through titles and author news at the online magazine: and read about author success stories on the Director of PR's blog: . For a complete list of our marketing techniques please visit

Current Releases

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Battle for the Ball
Aaran B

The Children of God: There is Life After the Cult
Fayrene Thomas Koroma

Honey, I'm Home
Janel J Tutak

A Short Story Collection of Horrors, the Bizarre, and the Mysterious
Carol S Fowler

My Boyfriend the Squire
Tracy K Kauffman

Conscious of Guilt
Roger J Boutwell

MageTech: Blood to Blood
John Friend

Mike Pomery

Would Jesus Go To Today's Church?
James N Davis

Such a lucky Boy
Laszlo Kadar

Cousins and Cousins and Cousins Oh My
Elizabeth L Rivera

Kwidatz: The Chronicles of Jenna Whitehair
julie J Hancox

The Power to be Rich is Within Every One of Us
Andre G Smal

Just Batty
Brenda M Spalding

Dragon Eye Connection
Paul A Janeway

Dream Watchman - Quest for the Missing Talisman
Tina Roberts

Lisa Eve

Broken Wand (Or, How J.K. Rowling Killed Harry Potter)
Timothy A Wolf

Be Forty and Fabulously Naughty
Jacqi Thornborrow

A Mole Named Cole and a Whole Lot of Hole
Peter S Cassidy

Marilyn L Rice


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