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5 Aces
A Ghost of a Second Chance
A Handful of Blossoms
A Pig in the Roses
A Shalar Is Born
A Witchfinder Chronicle: Downfall
Athwani - 1
Athwani - 2
Backlash (Winter's Wrath #1)
Bad Faith
Boat Story
Bonfire Blues
Break Away
Buckets Of Rain (Book One)
Can You See Me Now
Celtic Evil: The Fitzgerald Brothers: A Celtic Christmas
Cera's Place
Dangerously Happy
Death And Disappearances
Dreams of the Fallen
Free Orgasms, Volume 1
From Thailand With Love
Get My Motor Running
Gift of the Raven
Good for me
Hot Shots
I Saw Mommy Sucking Santa Claus
In Sophia's Eyes
Keeper of the Sword
Laura's Lost Love, Book One of the Heart Junction Series
Lost on Disc
Mari's Miracle, Book Three of the Heart Junction Series
Murder Without Pity
One more coffee...
Over My Head
Over My Head: Haywire
Over My Head: Inferno
Over My Head: Salvation
Over My Head: Tightrope
Perfect Proposal
Prelude to Magic
Separation Anxiety
Snow Angel
Something Shiny in the Distance
Sonnet Seduction
Stephanie's Surprise, Book Two of the Heart Junction Series
Stocking Fillers
Taking Flight
The Ball Washer
The Broken
The Chimes Of Nine
The Crimson Falcon
The Devil's Mark
The Dinner Date
The Eternal Flame
The Eurasian
The Gangster's Apprentice
The Kaizen Plan for Decluttering Your Computer: Take Control of Your Computer 10 Minutes at a Time
The Killing Ploy
The Leather Jacket
The Magpie's Secret
The Painter of Lemnos
The Rebellion is Finished
The Seer
The Sentence Of Anna
The Story of Saint Catrick
The Survivalistas: Book 1 Indiana
The Survivalistas: Book 2- Lyric
The Survivalistas: Book 2.5- Mica
The Taking of Ariel
The Ties That Bind
The Wrong Time
The Zondon
Three Scoops Of Decadence
Timing Is Everything
Two Past Midnight
When I Look Into Your Eyes
Whispered Prayers

Aabra, Aabra NMI
Abrahams, Byron
Adams, TL
Altharas, J.V.
Applebee, Jacqueline
Archer, Larry
Ardito, Gina
Arrayet, David L
Austin-King, Graham
Bagnell, Karen G.
Baker, Harley
Barrington, P.I.
Bell, Karen S.
Benevides, Brandon Peter
Berkley, Maggie
Biyuts, Lara
Black, Daniel
Bradley, Bruce
Braemel, Leah
Brennan, R.
Brinling, John
Brocker, Jacqueline
Broemmer, Tracy
Butler, Donna J
Campbell, Stephanie E
Cantrell, Mark
Cassidy, Jax
Cave, K.C.
Celize, Edge
Chambers, Alison
Charles, Anderson A
Charters, Robby
Chase, Brindle
Chase, Devlin
Cherish, Max
Christine, M.
Church, Alex
Como, Gabriella
Connors, Nathaniel
Coyne, Letitia
Cricket, H.L.
Danielson, S L
Davies, Elizabeth
Delight, Angelica
Dennings Maggy, Tammy
Dillard, Dan
Donnelly, Alianne
Douglas, Julianna
Drake, Amber
Drexler, Stella
Echterling, Cynthia D
Eck, Emily
Eddy, James
Entis, Phyllis
fagan, bernadine
Felthouse, Lucy
Fiddler, Angela
Finaughty, Vanessa
Flowers, Tamsin
Foye, Lisbeth
Frankel, Laurie
Frey, Phillip
Fryar, James Edwards
Gambill, Carol a
Gayle, Lilly
Gayle, Tina
Geiger, Barbara
George, Kaye
Gisby, Annette
Grant, Ann
Griffin, McCarty
Haberman, Steve N.
Halfwerk, Su
Hamby, Laura
Hart, Michele
Hazel, Purple
Health, Mister
Hill, Keziah
Holly, Emma
Holston, Sue
Hunt, Stacey T.
Ivory, Anne
Jackson, Stephanie
Jaden, Aeryn
James, Ellison
James, Cameron D.
Jenkinson, Noelene
Jewel, Deanna
Jo, Shandy
Johanis, J.
Johnson, 180
Johnston, Lynn
Jones, Badger
Jones, Jesabelle
Jones, Jules
Jorge, Jezebel
Kafalas, Dennis
Kelly, Sahara
Kingsolver, B R
Kitae, T.L.
kohl, yasmina
Krylov, Varian
Larsen, Patti
Lau, G. J.
Lee, Jonathan
Lee, R.A.
Leong, Annabeth
Loveless, Ryan
Luc, Jessa
Macatee, Susan
Magee, M T
Manaswini, Manaswini
Manion, Lance
Mann, Mia
March, Don
Martin, Jeffrey
Masters, Cate
Matthews, Jenyfer
Matthews, R.C.
McGathy, Sheri L.
McGier, Fiona E
McKenna, Elizabeth
McKenzie, Mell
Merrell, Deborah
Morrison, Paul
Mowbray, Sorcha
Murdoch, Jim
Murphy, Matthew
Myles, Josephine
Night, Lily
Nightie, Cotton
Notecor, Stella
Nutt, Karen Michelle
O'Connor, Mike P
Odell, Terry
Olander, Stephen
Orchard, Peter Alan
Orr, Elaine L.
Pacheco, Lisa
Paul, Sean
Payce, Waran
Pepper, Cary
Perkins, Sue
Persaud, Diana
Philmar, Anita
Price, T J
Quarry, Glen
Quinn , Marisa
Rachel, John D
Rayburn, Annie
Reynard, Shayne
Rhys, Ffion
rice, john w
Richards, Tory
Richter, Pamela M
Ringer, Casey
Rogers, Mathis B.
Rose, Sierra
Rose, Ike Bear
Rose, J Q
Ross, Mindy J.
Russ, Joycie
Rusty, Thomas Halton
Ryan, M.L
Sanders, Willow
Sands, Declan
Sawyer, M.L.
Saxon, Diane
Saxon, K.E.
Schartz, Vijaya
Schritt, Dorothy Annie
Scott, A.H.
Scott, Amber
Scott, Ericka
Sebastian, Max
Shaff, Fran
Shah, Fran
Shayne, Reesa
Shore, Steve
Shosty, L. Joseph
Shoupe, Richard Douglas
Sierra, Morgan
Simmons, Luke
Sivad, Gem
Skiera, C. M.
Smiraldi, Richard
Smith, Michael D.
Somerville, Ann
Sommerland, Bianca
Sorensen, Laurie M
South, Justin
South, Justin J
Southwell, TC
St James, Liberty
St. Clare, Brenna
Strong, Ronnie F
Tate, Kristy D
Taye, Kiru
Thomas, Kari E
thompson, johny mars
Thorn, Eldritch
Tust, Rebecca
VanCise, Elise
Vazhakunnathu, Thomas
Vix, Marilyn
Walker, Saskia
Walker, J Annas
Watling, Raine
Watts, Laura K
Wick, Nita
Wilde, Megan
Wilks, Lidy
Williams, K.Nicole
Wilson, L.A.
Wilson, Norah
Witherspoon, Cynthia D
Wolters, Sandy
Wood, Charden
Wood, Tara S.
Woolf, Cynthia
Wylie, Diane
Yeatts III, Edward T.
Zakari, Lux
Zaks, Zvi

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Sometimes, Magic
A.H. Scott

Nordic Moon: The Cambels (The Medieval Highlanders Book 5)
K.E. Saxon

Michael D. Smith

The Urban Manners Manifesto - A Practical Guide For A**holes
M.L. Sawyer

No Escape
Tory Richards

The Sexth Sense - Is It In Yet
M.L. Sawyer

So, There I Was - Covered in Roast Beef
M.L. Sawyer

I Slept With A Yeti One Time...Is He The Father?
M.L. Sawyer

Sex, Murder, and Really Good Mangoes - The Total Cynic’s Book of Happy Endings from Around the World
M.L. Sawyer

The Lighthouse Keeper
Lily Night

One Night Only
Tory Richards

Butterfly Serenade
Julianna Douglas

Break Away
A.H. Scott

Eternally Timeless
Sue Holston

Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou

The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper
Phyllis Entis

Fireworks on the Fourth
Jesabelle Jones

Fall of Singapura
Jonathan Lee

Escape to Temasek
Jonathan Lee

Spanish Posse
Purple Hazel

Wilder Hearts
Lilly Gayle


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