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At Club Lighthouse e-Publishing we are determined to see our authors succeed and our readers satisfied! We are now open for submissions and encourage writers to send in their work. You never know who might show up on our website next.  So read our guidelines and decide if your manuscript meets them, then go ahead and submit your work.  It is our mission to provide only high quality e-books that will bring many hours of reading pleasure to our readers. 

Club Lighthouse is a royalty paying ebook publisher, and while we are not able to offer advances at this time, our royalties are among the best you will find in the industry.


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A Birth in Eden
A Witch's Tale
A Worm in Eden
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The Descent

, Giovanni Gambino & Richard Pryor Jr.
Burton , J.R.
Abounader, Charbel
Adams, Alexander
Alexander, Victor
Allen, Gary
Anderson, Christi
Ann, Carol
Arrayet, David L
Aubrey , John
Austin, Stephen
Bernard, Joe
Bowers, Susan
Brannick , Isabella
Briggs, Stephen j
Brown, Stephen
Buonavita , Isabella
Burrows, Chris
Cerda, Barbara Ann
Cherny, Robert
Clark, D. C.
Cobe, Fran
Culiner, Jill
D'Eau, Jeanne
Dall, Jessica
Dalton, Deidre
Das, Arunjana
Davis, Kat
Davison, T. L.
Dillon, Mike
Durr, Samuel
Edelson , Michael
Fare, Food
Farrell , Ellen
Field, Gwendolyn Geer
Fox, The Silver
Furlotte, Leonard
Gallen, Ross
Gambino, Giovanni
Gambino, Rita
Hames, Barry
Hammond, Laura
Harding, Antoine Laurier
Hayes, J. H.
Henry, George
Henry , Patrick M.
Hokstad, Dan
Istre, Samantha
J, C
Jackson, Curtis
Johnson, Ray
Johnston, T. L.
Kendall, Steve A
King, Kenneth
Klein, Mark
Krasity, Ken
Lamberth, Carlton
MacKade, Viviana
Madsen, Keith H
Mannes, David M.
Marquez, Theodore
McElrath, K.J.
McNulty, Paul B
Milley , Marilyn C.
Mitchell, Cara
Mitchell, James A.
Moore, Keith
Morey, Mark
Muller, Paul M
Nepini, Greg
O'Donnell, Kathleen Smith
Ocean, Randy
Oliver, Jacklynn
Outram , John
Paige, Maryann
Pearl, Stephen B.
Pike, D. Elliot
Porter, Brian Mead and Max
Ralph, Georgenia
Ralston, Stephanie J.
Richard, Michael
Richard, R.
Rivetz , Josh
Rodrigues-Trink , Delyse
Sharma, Palvi
Sirrocco ,
St. James, W Richard
Stone, Cary
Sweet, Nick
Telaro, Vanessa
Thomas, Catherine
Trivers, James
Valentine , Katie Kay
Van Haas, Gary
von Zweck, Dina
Weinbaum, Gene Hodes and Robyn

Current Releases

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The Maisonist
Stephen Brown

Carlton Lamberth

Eternal Secrets
Palvi Sharma

Laura Hammond

The Vermillion Dragon by Ray Johnson
Laura Hammond

How To date When You're Broke by The Jackson Brothers
Laura Hammond

Death By Slanderous Tongue
Jill Culiner

Viviana MacKade

Stephen Brown

Ellen Farrell

The Witness Chronicles
J. H. Hayes

The Final President
D. Elliot Pike

Second Chance King of The East
R. Richard

How Christianity Sustains A Gay Man
J. H. Hayes

The Great Everlasting
Ray Johnson

Book of Shadows
Maryann Paige

Twice In A Lifetime
James A. Mitchell

The Coming of Seth
Barbara Ann Cerda

Twice In A Lifetime
James A. Mitchell

Ice Yachting Under a Lethal Star
Stephen Brown

The Devil's Sin
Carlton Lamberth


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