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Since 2010, Etopia Press has  been publishing the very best, highly-rated and well-reviewed romance and erotic romance out there.


Rush!TM – Erotic Romance, M/M, Menage, BDSM, and other high-heat titles
ShamelessTM – Contemporary Mainstream Romance
Raw SilkTM – Historical Romance
FeralTM – Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy with strong romantic elements
Deadly DesiresTM – Romantic Suspense and Action/Adventure
AudaciousTM – New Adult Romance
HeartfeltTM – Sweeter Romance
Etopia GoldTM – Our very best romance in all categories. Higher royalties, bigger advances, premier advertising placement. By Invitation Only.

We’re a royalty-paying publisher. We are not a vanity press or a self-publishing service. We provide complete, professional editing and cover design by some of the best editors and artists in the business, as well as distribution through all major retailers. We provide review coordination, and marketing support through social media, print and online advertising, and event sponsorships (see you at RT in N’awlins on the Bourbon Street Pub Crawl!). We distribute in digital and POD, pay 40% royalties on e-books and 7% on print, and all books 40,000 words and over qualify for print. Shorter works may be considered for inclusion in e-book and print anthologies.

We prefer new, unpublished works; however, we’re happy to consider reprint submissions of previously published works by royalty paying publishers. If you’re looking for a new home for work that was previously published by another publisher, please note this in your cover letter and give us a brief description of the book’s publishing history. If we accept it, we’ll ask you to provide your reversion of rights letter from the previous publisher.

We regret that we can not consider previously or currently self-published work or fan fiction based on TV, movies, games, books, etc.

What We’re Looking For: High-quality romance and erotic romance single titles and series in all sub-genres, across all our imprints. Check out our imprint pages for details on special submission calls and guidelines.

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, Ally Shields Nessie Strange Keith Melton CL Bledso
, Anne Lange Nikki Dee Houston Arianna Archer
, Christy Gissendaner Jayne Ripley
, Elizabeth Ellen Carter Cynthia Hampton
Acerbo , Lisa
Adkins, Kimberly
Adkins, Kimberly S
Alexander, Bianca
Alexander, Dani-Lyn
Anderson, J.R.
Angel, April
Archer, Arianna
Archer, T. C.
Armock, Katya
Ashby, Rowyn
Bannon, Jeanne M.
Bell, Aria
Bernsen, Mary
Bishop, Erzabet
Bledsoe, CL
Burner, Ashley M.
Cahill, Rhian
Campbell, Patty
Canton, Chamein
Carbone, Ute
Carey, L. C.
Carlo, Jianne
Carter, Mina
Carter, Elizabeth Ellen
Cavendish, Catherine
Clark, Noelle
Clouse, Elle
Cole, Marie
Conley, April
Cruz, Lea
Danner, Robin
de Moliere , Serge
Donahue, Crystal
Eden, Ellie
Egles, J.R.
Fields, Keri
Foster, C. P.
Foster, C. P.
Fox, A. C.
Fox, Alexa
Gaines, Alice
Ganiere, Rebekah
Gissendaner, Christy
Gregory, Elin
Hachtel, Leslie
Hampton, Cynthia
Harmon, Kyla
Hill, Savannah
Hillins, Kira
Houston, Nikki Dee
Hubbard, Sara
Hunt, Loribelle
Hunter, Kiran
Illyria, Selena
James, Jennifer
Kavan, Julia
Keller, Samantha
Kerr, Holly
La Roche, Tristram
Lain, Tara
Lange, Anne
Laurel, Rhonda
Locke, A.J.
Lyn, Lorien
Lyndon, Sue
Maitland, Kaitlin
Makela, Sarah
Mason, Renea
McCalin, Tori S
McFion, Tessa
McFionn, Tessa
Melton, Keith
Moore, Erin
Moore, Shehanne
Morgan, Lilly
Munro, Isla
Nicolson, Kelly
Owens, J.C
Pearle, Jesse
Penn, Liah
Richards, J.
Ripley, Jayne
Roebuck, Susan
Roebuck, Susan M
Rossi, Karen
Salt, Jenny
Scott, Tarah
Settarra, Bella
Sharpe, Heather M.
Shaw, KC
Shields, Ally
Skye, Hannah
Sophia, Paula
Stone, Alex
Struth, Sharon
Taiden, Milly
Thames, Zoey
Turner, Alyssa
van Zandt, Antonia
Waite, Tabetha
Wilde, Brooklyn
Winckler, Elsa
Winkler, Elsa
Wolfe, Lacey
Wright, Dana

Submission Guidelines

Current Releases

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Homecoming: The Blake Boys Series Book Twenty
Rhonda Laurel

Wild at Heart: All or Nothing Book 9
Rhonda Laurel

A Taste of Romance: All or Nothing Book Eight
Rhonda Laurel

Hot Pursuit: All or Nothing Book Seven
Rhonda Laurel

Restless Heart: All or Nothing Book Six
Rhonda Laurel

Covert Affairs: All or Nothing Book Five
Rhonda Laurel

Love at Last: All or Nothing Book Four
Rhonda Laurel

Family Matters: All or Nothing Book Three
Rhonda Laurel

Second Chance at Love: All or Nothing Book Two
Rhonda Laurel

The Dragon Hunter
A. C. Fox

Soul of a Marine
Patty Campbell

Playing for Keeps: The Blake Boys Book Nineteen
Rhonda Laurel

Mated to the Warrior Prince
Aria Bell

Maggie's Mates
Alexa Fox

Curves for the Cage
Zoey Thames

The Chosen
J.C Owens

Hard Target: All or Nothing Book One
Rhonda Laurel

Mated to the Jardan Warrior
Aria Bell

The Naked Neighbor
L. C. Carey

The Captive Prince
A. C. Fox

Begin Again: The Blake Boys Book Eighteen
Rhonda Laurel


First Page 1  2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Last Page





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