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Eternal Press was originally founded in 2007 as an Australian company by Julie A. D’Arcy. Through her hard work and dedication Eternal Press was born and gained its own footing in the publishing industry. Then late 2008, Ally Robertson bought the company and moved it to Canada where it continued to grow. Ally brought a much needed internal structure. Now, Eternal Press is owned by Damnation Books, LLC out of California, USA, keeping Ms. Robertson on as head of the new production department.

The new CEO, Kim Richards has a history with Eternal press, first working as an editor and then as the marketing manager. She is bringing more updated technologies to the table.

Eternal Press has won awards and nominations including a Best Eye Catching Cover Art Award, nominations and finalists in the EPPIE and Pearl awards, and we publish many award-winning authors and artists.

We have 20+ dedicated people on staff whose creative talents help produce our high quality reading materials. We currently publish 90+ authors from around the globe.

Our Logo:
The official Eternal Press Logo was designed by our very own Dawné Dominique.

Our Mission:
Is to provide high quality reading entertainment at an affordable price.

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Current Releases

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Love me Kill Me
Bruce Cooke

Hard Crush
Andria Crisp

Love Me Kill Me
Bruce Cooke

Only One Man Will Do
Fiona E McGier

Dawn of Ages
Mike Phillips

Amorast's Blood: A Carpathian Novel (Book 3)
Michelle Hoefle

Europa Series:  Book 1 — Rise of the Carnelians
Jason Gehlert

Maggie's Misery
Leanna Harrow

Barbara Winkes

Rachel Robinson

Home Again, Home Again Book 2 of The Bounty's Return series
Nadine Christian

Deep Green
Trisha Haddad

Jeremy Elwell

J. A. Castelli

Double Hue
Briana Lawrence

The Mentor
Bruce Cooke

Only One Man Will Do (the sequel to For The Love Of His Life)
Fiona McGier

Maternal Bones
Sonnet O'Dell

The Spphire Sea
David Andrews

Alpha One - The Kryl Queen
Chris Burton

Dare to Breathe
M. Homer


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