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Eternal Press was originally founded in 2007 as an Australian company by Julie A. D’Arcy. Through her hard work and dedication Eternal Press was born and gained its own footing in the publishing industry. Then late 2008, Ally Robertson bought the company and moved it to Canada where it continued to grow. Ally brought a much needed internal structure. Now, Eternal Press is owned by Damnation Books, LLC out of California, USA, keeping Ms. Robertson on as head of the new production department.

The new CEO, Kim Richards has a history with Eternal press, first working as an editor and then as the marketing manager. She is bringing more updated technologies to the table.

Eternal Press has won awards and nominations including a Best Eye Catching Cover Art Award, nominations and finalists in the EPPIE and Pearl awards, and we publish many award-winning authors and artists.

We have 20+ dedicated people on staff whose creative talents help produce our high quality reading materials. We currently publish 90+ authors from around the globe.

Our Logo:
The official Eternal Press Logo was designed by our very own Dawné Dominique.

Our Mission:
Is to provide high quality reading entertainment at an affordable price.

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Don't Look Back, Agnes
Egyptian Heart
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The Ice Bridge
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Winter's Journey

April Wood & Aiden Bream,
Acerbo , Lisa
Allister, Jade Rose
Alpin, Maeve
Amiri, Cornelia
Andrews, David
Appleton, Robert B
Auterson, Rick
Barker, Carrie Lynn
Barr, Tricia
Barth, Christi
Bates, B. L.
Bishop, Beth
Blair, R. W.
Blakemore-Mowle, Karlene
Bostic, April
Bracht, Mary
Bramkamp, Catharine
Brimble, Rachel
Brooke, Anne
Brown, Leah Marie
Bruce, Terri
Burton, Chris
Buxton, Tessa
Callahan, Wendy L.
Cammon, J E
Campbell, Terry
Caruso, Carla
Casigh, M.
Castelli, J. A.
Christian, Nadine
Cooke, Bruce
Crater, Theresa
Crisp, Andria
Crone, T M
Cronkhite, Lisa M
Croom, A.C.
Curry, Dan
Custer, Barbara
Dannenbaum, Avril A.
Dasnoit, Laura
Daulton, Henriette
Davenport, Adrienne
Delacroix, Martin
Delgado, Robert
Dennis, Aaron
Donaldson, Trevor E.
Douglas-Brown, Noelle
Dove, Maggie
Dragon, Dragon
Drum, S.J.
Duarte, Kate
Ellis, Alysha
Elwell, Jeremy
Epe, Em
Esposito, Patricia J
Finn, Declan
Gabriel, Caitlynn J.
Gaffney, Nancy
Galbraith , Colin
Gehlert, Jason
Giardine, Jennie
Glenn, Teel James
Godim, Olga
Goodwin, Brian M. H.
Green, Rachel
Grey, April
Griffin, B. K.
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer
Haddad, Trisha
Hammond, Donaya
Harrow, Leanna
Hatch, James L.
Haymond, Donaya
Hays-Gibbs, Linda
Hays-Gibbs, Linda D.
Hillman, H. K.
Hoefle, Michelle
Hoffer, Roberta
Hoffman, Laurencia
Hogg, Laura
Holman, M. C.
Homer, M.
Hunter, Sandy A.
infante, Lexy j
Itoh, Carol
Jade, Imari
Jones, M. R.
Jones, Richard
Jorgensen, James W.
Juppe, Mark E.
Karina, Rochelle
Katt, AC
Kees, Juanita
Keller, Edward T.
Kent, Ray S.
King, C. M.
Kinsey, Trent
Kuehl, Heather
Lam Turpin, Angela
LaVeaux, Clara
Law, Fiona
Lawrence, Briana
Lea, Andie
Lewis, Ellen
Lewis, Diane Scott
Lindley-Gauthier , Nancy
Lytle, Marsha
Mancebo, Rob
Marlowe, Monica
Marquitz, Tim
Martin, Alexis
Martin, Timothy
Masters, Cate
Maxie, Mary
May, Peter Mark
McAlendin, Heather
McCall, Mary
McGier, Fiona
McGier, Fiona E
McKnight, Katie
Miller, Cherri S.
Minto, Rebecca
Montague, Rose
Montgomery, Lawrence
Moore, Douglas
Murray, Patrizia
Myers, Steve
Nelson, Kerri
Newman, Christopher C
O'Connor, Michael
O'Dell, Sonnet
O'Hanlon, Stephanie
O'Riordan, Erin
Olbert, Tom
Oliver, Marina
Orange, David
Page, Angela
Paige, Jacqueline
Parker, GK
Parker, P. L.
Pereda , David
Phillips, Mike
Pierce , Jodie
Pierce, Percia
Pratt, Shelly
Quinn, Barbara
Quinn, Laura
Rae, Dina
Reid, Christopher D.
Riman, K Z
Robinson, Rachel
Rowland, Kathleen
Ruttan, Amy
Ryan, Cassidy
Ryan, A J
Salisbury, Gavin
Savoy, Skye
Schatt, Stan
Schultz, Richard E.
Sfetsos , Yolanda
Shaffer , Richard C
Shaner, Matt
Sheehan, Eileen
Sheridan, Nicola E
Shore, C. L.
Silver, Sherry
Simon, Ross S.
Sinason, Josh
Skelhorn, Angie
Southard , Steven R
Spurgeon , Rod
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stone, Wendy
Strang, Douglas
Swaim, Melissa
Tailor, Edward
Talbot, Amy
Taylor, Stephanie
Thomas, Kari
Thomas, Kari E
Thorne MBE, Tony
Tucker, Alexandra
Verdenius, Angela
Wade, Alice
Wade, Scott
Wheatley, Stephanie
Williams, Kerri
Winter, Isobelle
Winter, Robin
Wolfe, Robin
Zaks, Zvi

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Current Releases

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Punk Charming
Laura Quinn

Tricia Barr

Compass Rosegarten (Book Five of the The Camellia Series)
Beth Bishop

Matched In Heaven
Angela Page

Harvey (Book Two of the Pit Series)
Edward Tailor

Tea with Maureen
Christopher D. Reid

Vienna Sky
Josh Sinason

Crossing Roads (Book Five of the Where Shadows Lie Series)
J E Cammon

Honor at Stake
Declan Finn

Kingmaker of Meldarvis
Percia Pierce

The Vampire, the Handler, and Me
Eileen Sheehan

Cameron (Book One of the Pit Series)
Edward Tailor

Glorious Summer
Alexandra Tucker

Lucidity (Book One of the Lucidity Series)
Ray S. Kent

Ramblin' Rosegarten (Book Four of the The Camellia Series)
Beth Bishop

Laurencia Hoffman

Future Gold (Book 2 Future Girls Series)
Catharine Bramkamp

Breathe Deep
Trisha Haddad

The Rishis: Book of Secrets
Robert Delgado

Almost Wonderful
Adrienne Davenport

Call Me
Rick Auterson


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