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Cait and the Devil
by Annabel Joseph

Release Date: 05/29/09
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 204
Publisher: Scarlet Rose Press
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Author Page: Annabel Joseph
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Cait has led a simple, secluded life in the Scottish woods, but her world suddenly turns upside down when she learns she's the unwanted daughter of the king. She's forced to marry a forbidding stranger, Duncan, the Devil of Inverness, who has already buried one wife. But Cait and the Devil find they are more perfectly matched than either suspected. His deep desire to dominate and discipline his new wife is matched only by her bravery and willingness to submit to his perverse demands and desires.

But a phantom threat stalks Cait, and Duncan is troubled by her secret and mysterious past. Can Duncan protect his vulnerable wife? Will their powerful and unusual brand of love prevail?

This story is set in the Middle Ages and has a heavy domestic discipline theme within the confines of an affectionate marriage. It contains various spanking and discipline scenes, as well as oral and anal sex. It also contains some limited scenes of non-eroticized nonconsensuality.

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