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Carnival of Nightmares
by J. Troy Seate

Release Date: 01/01/11
Genre: Horror
Pages: 196
Publisher: Melange Books
Format ISBN Price
Print 5.99
Print 978-1-61235-073-8 12.95
Author Page: J. Troy Seate
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Whatever exists in the outside world is invalid here. Forget everything you've learned about human nature. Your heart is beating to the rhythm of the fearful ride you've been afraid to climb on. But now you must, for your mind is no longer yours. It has been captured by the seductive lies bred of the unearthly carnival of nightmares. No use to fight the lure of the unknown or your attraction to these quixotic personalities, both living and dead. We've been waiting for you and the best you can do now is simply pray.

Here lie fifteen tales and a novella of the strange, the fanciful, and the macabre, mostly fiction, but some fact. You will meet ghosts, monsters, psychos, femme fatales, and even an angel or two along the midway of canvas-draped attractions. Most stories start with the humble everyday, but a normal beginning can sometimes lead to a situation in which the heartbeat quickens and the mind searches for new answers. Going from routine to a mind-bending ride on the edge of madness is never more apparent than when Mr. Seate pens tales of both earthly and unearthly delights. Your ticket has been punched, so come inside. He's been waiting for you.

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