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My Two-Stud Stand
by Larissa Lyons

Release Date: 01/20/11
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 0
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781419931284 2.49
Author Page: Larissa Lyons
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Because sometimes, a girl just really needs a good, hard puck…

When a professional hockey player—Russian by birth, sexy by the grace of God—propositions her, usually inhibited Carolina allows herself to be seduced with heavily accented words and devastating kisses, right up to Rurik’s hotel room. Where Carolina, drugged on passion and feeling more self-assured by the second, is faced with two “players” when Rurik’s roommate Jeff, the team goalie, emerges fresh from the shower.

Faced with the prospect of a two-stud stand, enraptured by Rurik’s kisses and Jeff’s speculative glower, Carolina debates with her protesting conscience. At stake? The night of her life. The prize? More orgasms than she knows what to do with.

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