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Surrender Your Heart
by Serenity Woods

Release Date: 02/28/11
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Pages: 47
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LLC
Format ISBN Price
PDF 978-1-60592-252-2 3.50
Author Page: Serenity Woods
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One night of passion with the man you've dreamed about every night for ten years . . . What lady can resist that?

After three months of holding out against her Yorkist besiegers, Lady Eleanor de Woodford finally surrenders her Lancastrian castle to Sir Henry de Tracey, only then realising he's the man she fell in love with ten years ago. However the once boyish Hal has grown into a powerful, impressive knight, a man used to being obeyed, who's not going to let their past change the fact that he wants her castle, and he wants it now!

Although she knows she should hate Henry for betraying the real king and killing her husband, having suffered seven years of marriage to a selfish, sometimes cruel man, Eleanor is desperate for a night of freedom before she's married off again to some old knight in a faraway land. She asks Henry for one night of passion and he, still finding her the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, is happy to oblige. Eleanor has already surrendered her castle. She doesn't realise she's about to surrender her heart as well . . . .


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