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A Tapestry of Dreams
by Roberta Gellis

Release Date: 05/01/11
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 496
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781402254989 9.99
Author Page: Roberta Gellis
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Lady Audris cannot marry. Though her uncle has been a kind, loving guardian to her since her parents death, running her estate fairly and efficiently, she knows he would never be able to surrender his authority to her new husband. And so she contents herself to live her life a maid, with weaving the most beautiful tapestries in all of England.

  Hugh Licorne (which translates to unicorn) will push himself to his very limits for those he is loyal to. So when a corrupt steward turns over his liege’s castle to the enemy, Hugh risks life and limb to escape the castle and get word to his lord that the castle has fallen. Exhausted and incoherent, Hugh stumbles into court several days later and is so drained he doesn’t realize he is in the presence of not only his lord, but the king of England. Impressed by such loyalty, King Stephen knows he has found a true knight and recruits Hugh into his service, offering him his choice of brides to seal the deal.

  From the moment Hugh sets eyes on the bold Lady Audris, he knows he has found the woman destined to be his wife. But winning her trust and defending her from her enemies will be the greatest battle he has ever faced.

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