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Protective Custody
by Wynter Daniels

Release Date: 05/09/11
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Pages: 232
Publisher: Carina Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-4268-9159-5 4.49
EPUB 978-1-4268-9159-5 4.49
Audio 17.95
Author Page: Wynter Daniels
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Witness to a murder, but no one will believe her...

Shocked by the brutal crime she witnesses through the window of her small office, Megan Jackson calls the police and is devastated when they question the truth of her story. With no body and no evidence of a crime, she's written off as a nutcase.

Megan suspects the killer saw her face. Terrified, she calls the only person she can trust—her ex-boyfriend and former police officer, Will McCoy.

Despite a devastating breakup, Will jumps at the chance to help the woman who broke his heart. When the killer ramps up the stakes, Will is forced to take her into hiding—where the passion they once shared reignites, deeper and hotter than ever. But can Will keep Megan alive long enough to win back her heart?

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