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Fang & Fur
by Stormy Glenn

Release Date: 06/23/11
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 143
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Format ISBN Price
Print 1-61034-890-7 15.50
E-Book 1-61034-631-9 5.99
EPUB 1-61034-631-9 5.99
HTML 1-61034-631-9 5.99
Kindle 1-61034-631-9 5.99
PDF 1-61034-631-9 5.99
Author Page: Stormy Glenn
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Midnight Matings 6

Sterling Roane has a job to perform. He is the personal bodyguard of a vampire coven leader. When the council of elders decrees that everyone needs to find a mate, Sterling isn't interested, but he can't deny the mating heat sweeping through his body.

Still, he has a mission to complete and a coven leader to protect. When a wolf shifter interferers with that duty, the fight is on. Before Sterling knows it, he's accidentally mated to the Alpha of the Pacific Northwest Region. It's just too bad that his new mate swears he isn't gay. It gets even worse when Sterling finds out that Beau is engaged to be married.

Heartbroken, Sterling drops Beau off in the middle of nowhere and flees back to New York only to find out that the hell that is waiting for him is worse than what he left in a Wyoming airport. Someone is trying to claim him, and it's not his mate.

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