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The Goblin King
by Shona Husk

Release Date: 10/01/11
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 0
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
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Author Page: Shona Husk
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Roan was once a Celtic King, he is now cursed to the Shadowlands and his heart was replaced by a lump of gold. The only thing keeping him human is his soul and Roan can feel it fading. Roan needs a woman to fall in love with him or his soul will be forfeited and he will be forced to run with the Goblin Hoard forever.


Eliza Coulter wants to escape her life, especially her cheating fiancé. She calls upon the Goblin King to grant her wish. He grants her wish and takes her away to the Shadowlands, the land of nightmares. Eliza discovers courage, stands up to her fiancé and regains her life, all while Roan loses his.  Resisting Eliza has given him a focus like never before. But will a love that only exists in dreams be strong enough to break the curse and free the Goblin King?

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