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Lily Mine
by Annabel Joseph

Release Date: 07/21/11
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 0
Publisher: Scarlet Rose Press
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Author Page: Annabel Joseph
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Lily Mine is a Victorian flavored erotic romance novel with hints of spanky goodness. Here's the blurb:

When Lily wends her way down the country lane to Lilyvale Manor, she hopes the coincidence of names bodes well, for she is in dire straits. She’s been disowned by her London family and finds herself desperately in need of a job.

Lord Ashbourne is equally at ends, his fiancée having jilted him for a commoner and run off to the Continent. Her powerful society family is determined to delay the breaking scandal in order to save the younger sister's prospects. When a servant leads Lily to his parlor, James is astonished to discover how closely she resembles the missing lady of the manor.

He hatches a plan, convincing Lily to play his absent “wife” to keep the gossips at bay. He reassures her it will be in name only, but soon enough, playacting turns to real attraction, and friendship to aching, mounting desire. The strictures of society and unforeseen tragedy combine to test the pair's forbidden love, even as they are driven ever closer into one another's arms…


This novel contains spanking, light bondage, and light BDSM elements.

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