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by Sean Michael

Release Date: 07/27/11
Pages: 223
Publisher: Torquere Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 5.99
Author Page: Sean Michael
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Giles is an artist, a man who is intense and totally focused on his art. In
fact, a lot of people including some of his own family, think he's a little
bit crazy. Harrison meets the artist as Giles is running away from setting
up a showing at a gallery, totally freaked out. Harrison is immediately
intrigued. He doesn't think Giles is crazy, but he does believe that Giles
needs someone like him, or more accurately, him, to help Giles focus on more
than just his art.

Giles isn't exactly easy to convince that Harrison is the man to do the job,
though. Oh, he likes Harrison well enough and the sex is wonderful, but this
BDSM stuff Harrison talks about is just a game, right? And Giles is worried
that all the time he's spending focussed on Harrison is damaging his art.
After all, you have to suffer for your art, right?

Can Harrison convince him that Giles can have love, happiness and Harrison
in his life as well as be a great artist or will Giles' worries about his
artwork drive them apart for good?

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