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Imlay's Cure
by Stormy Glenn

Release Date: 10/08/11
Genre: GLBT Sci-Fi
Pages: 139
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Format ISBN Price
Print 1-61926-404-8 15.50
PDF 1-61034-827-3 5.50
E-Book 1-61034-827-3 5.50
EPUB 1-61034-827-3 5.50
HTML 1-61034-827-3 5.50
Kindle 1-61034-827-3 5.50
Author Page: Stormy Glenn
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Lady Blue Crew 3

Co-Authored with Lynn Hagen

Dr. Imlay Jones has never understood what all the excitement was around sex. It was dirty, sweaty, and most times, just plain boring. He prefers his test tubes and medical bay. But when Livewire leaves to go on a mission, Imlay suddenly realizes he doesn't want the man out of his sight. There's something about the crazy mechanic that draws Imlay like a flame.

When Livewire doesn't return, Imlay is beside himself. When it's discovered that Livewire is being held hostage, Imlay insists on going on the rescue mission to retrieve his missing mate. But rescuing Livewire doesn't stop once they get him back onboard the Lady Blue. Livewire can't stand to be touched, trusts no one, and has constant nightmares about his capture. Only Imlay's gentle touch can calm the man. Can Imlay overcome his aversion to sex in order to bring his mate back to the land of the living or will he lose Livewire forever to the memories that haunt him? 

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