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The Man Who Liked Wintergreen
by Lucius Parhelion

Release Date: 08/17/11
Genre: GLBT Historical
Pages: 51
Publisher: Torquere Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 2.99
Author Page: Lucius Parhelion
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It's 1935 in a Los Angeles that's both booming and sleazy. Mike Warren is a
slick shyster, a queer man who makes a good living selling legal services to
those no one else will defend. The Reverend Johnny Breuer is a clergyman who
reconciled with his own homosexuality by giving up his congregation to serve
others through charity and political reform. After Johnny saves Mike from a
murderous thug, he collects his payment by making Mike help him rescue a
settlement house from the prominent attorney Johnny suspects is robbing the
charitable trust blind. As the two men untangle this web of corruption, they
grow increasingly close, finding that good-natured worldliness and worldly
good-heartedness are not as opposed as they once both believed. Now they
only have to survive a late-night visitor to Mike's beach house, and the
shady trouble following in his wake, to learn if their lust is actually as
clean and strong as wintergreen

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