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Drunk and Disorderly (Erotic Gems Short)
by Emma Hillman

Release Date: 08/24/11
Genre: Erotic Multiple Partner
Pages: 0
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book .99
Author Page: Emma Hillman
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When Sara finds herself locked up in jail for the night, together with her three friends, Melanie, Robbie, and Mark, she doesn't think things can get any worse. She's too wired to fall asleep; however, Mel knows a sure fire way to get her to relax. She should have known her friend was too drunk to make sense. She wants her to masturbate while they're locked up in a cell! She's crazy, but not as crazy as what happens next...

With a little help from her friends, Sara finally falls asleep. They're let go the next morning with a warning, and she's relieved no one heard them during the night. That is until she sees the look in the deputy's eyes. She's going to need to do some damage control, and fast.
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