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Behind The Scenes
by Rebecca Royce

Release Date: 09/23/11
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 33
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-61333-102-6 1.99
Author Page: Rebecca Royce
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She giggled. “I’m just about to turn thirty. Not that I should admit it. I’m never supposed to own my age. People think I’m two years younger than I am and I’m already losing roles.” If her voice cracked when she said that, she pretended like she didn’t notice. Why was she telling him anyway? It was as if she’d opened her mouth to say something and now she couldn’t shut it. “I liked this kind of scene when I was twenty-four, too.” Behind them laughter erupted again and Kyra rolled her eyes. “Which way is out?”

He pointed in the opposite direction than the one she’d walked, and she chuckled.

Brent’s face was unreadable to Kyra. She wondered if anyone could ever tell what he thought. Maybe he was really good at hiding his feelings. “I think if you keep walking in this direction you’re going to reach the maid’s house, where our host and some of his friends are enjoying some kind of orgy.”

Visions of an orgy with Brent filled her mind. She wasn’t much for group sex, but any kind of encounter with Brent would be fine as long as he was there stroking her with his long, strong fingers.

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