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Breeding Stock
by Melissa Harlow

Release Date: 08/10/10
Genre: Erotic Multiple Partner
Publisher: Renaissance E-Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781615082933 5.99
Author Page: Melissa Harlow
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  A virus has spread, people everywhere are dying, and D'rea Zelleck wants to make it back home to find the first and only man she ever loved, Jackson Burgess. Jackson is still alive, but his life has changed drastically since D'rea left. Once a farmer, he now runs a colony of survivors where the women are kept in cells as breeding stock, in the hopes of repopulating.

  Kidnapped from a bus by Jackson's second in command, D'rea finds herself unexpectedly attracted to the sexually controlling and demanding Bennett. Taken at gunpoint to the colony, she learns that she is expected to be 'bred' with each of the men there.

  Jackson Burgess is still in love with the girl who grew up next door, but the willful, defiant woman she's become responds with such submission to Bennett's commanding ways that Jackson finds he doesn't mind sharing her with him. Now the question is, can he and Bennett keep her from the rest of the colony, or is D'rea destined to be merely breeding stock?

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