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White Dusk
by Susan Edwards

Release Date: 11/21/11
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 292
Publisher: Carina Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-14268-9266-0 4.99
Author Page: Susan Edwards
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Dakota Territory, 1810

Nothing is more important to Swift Foot than restoring

his family's honor, not even love. Though his heart

belongs to another, he agrees to wed Small Bird, in the

hopes that the marriage will end a war. A war that began

when his own father chose love over duty to his people…

Small Bird believes she is destined to stand by Swift

Foot's side as his wife, that their shared past has shaped

their future. She knows he does not wish to marry despite

the desire she sees in his eyes, but she is determined to

win his heart as well as his respect.

Just as passion flares between the newlyweds, the enemy

draws near. And the wife of Swift Foot is their target…

Book 2 of 12.

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