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Blood Contract
by Stormy Glenn

Release Date: 11/12/11
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 143
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Format ISBN Price
PDF 1-61926-006-9 5.50
Kindle 1-61926-006-9 5.50
HTML 1-61926-006-9 5.50
EPUB 1-61926-006-9 5.50
E-Book 1-61926-006-9 5.50
Print 1-61926-621-0 15.50
Author Page: Stormy Glenn
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Danny Erickson knew things were bad when he got called to the dean's office at his university. He just didn't expect to see his estranged father when he arrived or the proposal his father offers him. Little does Danny know that by signing his name on the dotted line, he's agreed to become the personal blood donor to a vampire prince and there is no breaking this blood contract.

Prince Dominic Xavier Lucian Ruelle is dying. He needs a blood donor with pure blood. When Danny is brought to him, Dominic finds himself dealing with feelings he has never experienced before. Falling in love with his blood donor was never part of the contract.

When Danny's life is threatened, Dominic will do anything to save him, even break every rule of his kind. He's even willing to give up his life to save the man he loves. But will it be enough and will it be in time? More importantly, will Danny accept a vampire prince as his mate? 

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