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Chinook Wine and Sink Her
by Morgan Q O'Reilly

Release Date: 09/15/08
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 317
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9780984113224 2.99
Author Page: Morgan Q O'Reilly
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Linnet Greenbriar just wants to prove herself as a capable Fish and Wildlife biologist. Stepping in for an injured colleague she takes his place at a lonely spot on the Yukon River. All goes well until the owner of the cabin shows up for his two weeks off to get some serious fishing done.

Not two minutes after they exchange greetings, he catches her before the king salmon she's caught pulls her into the river. Wary of men, she's taken aback by the attraction she feels.

Creed Willis certainly wasn't expecting a woman at his cabin, but one look at Linnet and he's not complaining. In fact, he'd like to get much closer. Especially after he spies on her bathing. But her hands off attitude isn't the only thing getting in his way. A sudden congregation of visitors makes it impossible to spend any time with her. Especially when everyone is tripping Linnet trying to make her life easier. And when the local moose decides to befriend the camp, well, life takes on a whole new twist.

Join Linnet as she copes with a hilarious cast of characters, most of whom mean well, but something always seems to happen, and it happens to Linnet...

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