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The Gingerbread House
by Nell Carson

Release Date: 04/16/12
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 185
Publisher: Avalon Books
Format ISBN Price
Print 9780803474697 23.95
Author Page: Nell Carson
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Bridal shop owner Greta Kendall is fighting to keep her Queen Ann house near Aspen from being destroyed by Stephanie Harwood of Harwood Development. Stephanie’s intent on building a mall and determined to bulldoze right over her last obstacle, Greta’s house. When Gray Daniels, a new customer with midnight blue eyes walks into her shop, Greta's immediately attracted to him—until she finds out he's Stephanie's fiancé. She's furious to learn they've manipulated her into participating in a publicity stunt to promote the new mall. Now Greta's little war has a new front: Gray Daniels.

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