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Operation Hydra
by Cyndi Friberg

Release Date: 12/15/11
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 356
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Format ISBN Price
Print 978-0-9848798-3-0 13.95
E-Book 978-0-9848798-2-3 5.49
Author Page: Cyndi Friberg
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Trey dar Aune’s routine rescue mission to Earth becomes incredibly complicated when he discovers Dr. Hydran is genetically engineering captive Ontarians to maximize their Mystic abilities. 
Krysta despises Dr. Hydran and anyone associated with him. Still, her desire flares right along with her temper when she encounters Trey, Hydran’s enigmatic new customer. How can this gorgeous stranger mean her harm when everything within her cries out for his touch and the comfort of his embrace? Her prophetic dreams promise freedom from Dr. Hydran’s tyranny but first she must determine if Trey is ally or enemy.
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