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Accidentally Dead, Again (Accidentals Series #6)
by Dakota Cassidy

Release Date: 05/01/12
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 355
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
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Author Page: Dakota Cassidy
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After a wild, work-sponsored Halloween party, entomologist Sam
McLean wakes up with a spotty memory—and a pointy set of fangs.
Somehow, Sam’s unconscious body ends up at the OOPS office, where paranormal crisis counselors Nina, Marty, and Wanda give him the lowdown on accidentally becoming a creature of the night. Sam is speeding through the stages of newbie grief, until a woman named Pheobe Reynolds bursts onto the scene claiming to be Nina’s sister—resulting in a catfight that ends with Pheobe’s luscious behind in the direct path of Sam’s fangs. Now, the OOPS girls have two fledgling vamps on their hands, and their powers—and the attraction building between them—are unlike anything they’ve seen before…

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