Manic Readers
by Donna McDonald
Release Date: 04/15/11
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Print 978-1466207226 13.99
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Author Page: Donna McDonald
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After divorcing her cheating ex-husband years ago, 42 yr old Lauren McCarthy is upset to find herself attracted to a married man. Or at least, James Gallagher says he's married, even though she has never seen him with a wife. Lauren doesn’t want to risk getting to know Jim only to find out he’s as bad as her ex. Yet every time Jim puts his desperate and needy hands on her, she thinks that if Jim would only trust her with his secrets, she might be willing to risk her saintly reputation to be in his arms. 
It’s true 42 yr old James Gallagher is keeping some secrets, but whether or not he is married is not one of them. He just figures the details of the situation are his business alone. It is only when his attraction to Lauren McCarthy turns into a gut wrenching reality that Jim starts regretting his situation. Jim knows Lauren’s history pretty much guarantees she could never settle for what little he can offer her. Not that it matters anyway, the last thing in the world Jim wants is an affair with the woman he fantasizes about being his wife.

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