Manic Readers
by Marie-Nicole Ryan
Release Date: 05/27/08
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 322
Publisher: Self Published
Format ISBN Price
Print 978-1512151220 14.99
Kindle B00YR1X8W0 3.99
EPUB 9781507022443 3.99
Author Page: Marie-Nicole Ryan
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This is a re-release.

Murder: Guaranteed to ruin a perfect honeymoon. 

After several days of newlywed bliss, Miranda French, the brand-spanking new Countess of Middlebury and her new husband emerge from an East Anglia inn. She eagerly checks out one of the local antiques shops and stumbles over a body…a mutilated one.

The unfortunate victim was known to be a connoisseur of married women, so it’s a good bet one of the ladies’ husbands is the culprit. If there’s any hope of getting back to the “honey” part of her honeymoon, Randi will have to get involved in the investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector David French, Earl of Middlebury, has a lot more on his hands than an overly helpful bride, planted DNA, and more suspects than he can comfortably count. Sending Miranda home to the safety of their country estate may be the biggest mistake of his life. The killer’s not finished. She’s next on his hit list.

Work Count: 95k

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