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The Demon Master's Wife
by Donna McDonald

Release Date: 03/24/12
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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EPUB 2.99
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PDF 2.99
Author Page: Donna McDonald
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Book Two of the FORCED TO SERVE series

Ania Looren would have chosen death over becoming a demon host, if she’d had a choice. But Captain Liam Synar, master of the Demon of Synar, and her mate, made that decision for her in order to save her life. For the two years of their separation her spiritual gifts have failed her, but Ania has learned that hosting the demon Malachi is to blame. Her spirit grieves for what she has become because evil lives inside her again now and Ania fears the great harm she can cause using the demon’s power. Unfortunately, Liam’s reluctant embrace of being the demon's master, along with his refusal to discuss Malachi with her, leaves Ania facing her destiny alone. Their personal relationship war vacillates between full out conflict and a cease fire, yet she is drawn into becoming one of his crew. Worse, she discovers she is drawn to Liam as well, despite his past rejections and the pain his abandonment caused her. But can she really let the only male she’s ever wanted back into her bed without risking her heart?

Feeling trapped by decisions others have made for her, and unable to intuit what the creators of all have in mind for her life’s plan, Ania wrestles with the possibility of making a deal with the demon that might give her back some control over her fate. Yet from what she has read, and from what Malachi has told her, the deal they have in mind might also awaken the sleeping warrior inside her, destroying the hard earned inner peace her enlightenment once provided from her wicked past. Whatever choice she makes, Ania must decide what to do soon because Liam’s brother, Conor Synar, wants the demon for himself. Liam has warned her that Conor will destroy everyone in his path, including her, to claim Malachi’s power as his own.

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