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To My Demons: An Exercise in Exorcism
by Sarah-Jane Lehoux

Release Date: 08/01/12
Genre: Horror
Pages: 53
Publisher: Self Published
Format ISBN Price
E-Book B008R8K9R6 0.99
Author Page: Sarah-Jane Lehoux
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The link between Heaven and Hell is nothing less than a soul. Fleeting…fragile…easily corrupted. And the thing that goes bump in the night is nothing more than a heart, pounding out songs of desire, obsession, and fear.

To My Demons is a haunting examination of dark side of the human condition. Some of the stories have been previously published; some have not. Some have a decidedly supernatural element, while others are all too real. From a murderer’s ghastly recollections, to rotting, shambling reminders of a man’s misdeeds, to a modern day fable of oppression and liberation, To My Demons is an exercise in exorcism.


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