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Slave Girl for Rent
by Gail Starbright

Release Date: 11/07/12
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 0
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Author Page: Gail Starbright

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Gina is a submissive for rent in an exclusive BDSM group. Well, technically, she’s earned the honorary title of slave, for being such an obedient bitch. As a sub for hire, Gina loves putting herself at the mercy of paying sadists. The problem? Being a submissive also pisses her off…a lot.


After all, she has to endure nipple clamps and electrified anal plugs, not to mention perform oral sex on a male sub when ordered. Oh, sure, that stuff gets her all hot and wet, but seriously, WTF?! Does extreme arousal have to come with a side order of infuriation?


It takes an intense evening with a new client for Gina to learn happiness and submission just might be able to coexist.


Reader Advisory: Gina’s incredible night as a slave involves her teaching a male submissive how to please their Dom. Translation—some incredibly hot male/male and ménage action!

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