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Willow in the Desert
by Tamara Jock

Release Date: 01/04/13
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 280
Publisher: Self Published
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-0-9853535-6-8 3.99
Author Page: Tamara Jock
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Six years ago, an alien invasion nearly decimated the human race.  Carli Dixon and Leo Black Elk lead a small band of survivors against the insectoid extraterrestrials, determined to win Earth back for mankind.  In between attacks on their enemies, they rest in the tiny desert village Freetown, one of the last outposts of human civilization.  Here, people have realized some semblance of the lives they knew prior to the invasion.

But the seemingly lifeless Black Pyramid that sits in nuclear-blasted San Francisco isn’t as harmless as they thought, and death is heading east to Freetown.  A new menace has been birthed in the dark, dead pyramid, one that could finally finish off  humans once and for all.

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