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Keeping Cambria - Hell's Hunters1 - Menage
by Kitty DuCane

Release Date: 02/09/13
Genre: Erotic Multiple Partner
Pages: 134
Publisher: Self Published
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-0-9884870-1-7 2.99
Author Page: Kitty DuCane
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Cambria Johnson’s on a mission—to kill every vampire she can find. But when a vampire rescues her from another vamp, she decides to make an exception. Then he shows up again at one of her kills…and he has a twin. When the two most devastatingly sexy men she’s ever seen start spouting some nonsense about a mate, she knows she can’t run far enough—or fast enough.

Viper and Venom are vampire/werewolf hybrids and members of Hell’s Hunters, whose sole mission is to eliminate threats to society from feral vampires and werewolves. And their credo about women is clear: they aren’t meant to fight, and should never use themselves as bait. Especially ones as sensual as Cambria. Keeping their hands off her is out of the question. Keeping her safe is even harder.

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