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Home for the Holidays
by Diane Leyne

Release Date: 02/28/13
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 81
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Format ISBN Price
EPUB 978-1-62242-663-8 tbd
E-Book 978-1-62242-663-8 tbd
Author Page: Diane Leyne
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Nelly O'Malley is heading home for Thanksgiving. As the only unmarried child, she is facing a lot of pressure to get married and start producing grandchildren. She'd told her family she was bringing her boyfriend, but they've broken up by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

Jack O'Dell is a widower who has been concentrating on his business after losing his family years earlier.

When Nelly's car crashes on the slick roads, Jack rescues her and drives her to the family home. She persuades him to join them for Thanksgiving dinner as a thank-you, not realizing her family will mistakenly believe he is the boyfriend they've been told about, and they love him. Luckily, Jack agrees to play along and the heat rises between them.

But when she finds out that the car accident was no accident, she has to discover if Jack was her savior or trying to kill her.

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