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The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery
by James Lear
Release Date: 06/11/13
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 264
Publisher: Cleis Press
Format ISBN Price
Author Page: James Lear

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Killing is Easy. Love is the hardest thing.

Dan Stagg is an ex-military man who fell foul of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He had a successful career with the US Marines and rose to the rank of Major, with active service in the first Gulf War, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Since 2009 he’s been back in civilian life, and is finding it very hard to adjust. Like Jack Reacher, Lee Child's protagonist, Dan is prone to violence, always upholding what he views as justice. He has few personal ties, nearly no belongings, tries to live under the radar.

Jobless, living in Harlem, and broke, Dan is offered a great deal of money to do a protection job for the young protégé of a powerful real estate developer. But Dan quickly realizes that something strange is going on, and is forced to choose between the easy money—not to mention sex—that his new job offers him, and living up to the ideals of service and duty that he embodied in the Marines.

Why should he do the right thing—particularly when the army betrayed him? Dan finds himself playing a dangerous double game which will take all his combat skill and military training to survive. THE HARDEST THING is a sexy gay mystery as only James Lear can write it: filled with lots of action, romance, sweat, violence and conspiracy.

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