Manic Readers
by Shawn Bailey

Release Date: 10/01/13
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 94
Publisher: Phaze
Format ISBN Price
PDF 13-978-1-60659-775-0 4.99
Author Page: Shawn Bailey
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Desi Warren has always liked and admired his best friend Charlie Mitchell. Charlie always looked out after Desi as kids when other children teased him about his girlish looks.

Dreaming of being rock stars, and becoming more popular than Desi’s cousin Trinity Warren, a popstar, Desi and Charlie form the rock group Desire in high school.

Things start to unravel just as they were making a name for themselves when Charlie suddenly confesses to Desi that he is in love with him. Desi is so shocked by the admission that he has a nervous breakdown.

After spending two years in a mental facility, can Desi rejoin his friends in Desire and reach superstardom, or does he still have fears of being in a gay relationship with Charlie?

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