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Spontaneous - Book One in the Suited to You trilogy
by Demelza Hart

Release Date: 10/27/13
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 68
Publisher: Xcite Books
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Author Page: Demelza Hart
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A Cheeky Romance by Demelza Hart

After Tara’s incredible night on the Underground with five strangers, The Suit left his phone number on a scrap of the Financial Times, but does she dare contact him again? He was the one she remembers, he was the one she wanted more than anything, but who exactly is he? The call of pleasure is too great, and her desire for another encounter with The Suit, anonymous, mysterious and devastatingly sexy, compels Tara to dial the number. Is she prepared for the demands and risks he expects? And what will she get in return? The more she gives, the more she wants. As The Suit leads her into increasingly exposed and exhilarating situations, Tara finds herself in deep, not only in seeking pleasure, but in seeking him. She may let him control her body, but can anyone control her emotions?

Spontaneous – Book One of the Suited To You Trilogy – features characters who first appeared in Come Underground, a short story in Xcite's Watching Me, Watching You and Your Ultimate Fantasy anthologies

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